Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeding The Coyotes

Yesterday evening, on a trip to Canadian Tire, Alexander was explaining to me about some news items he'd heard on the radio earlier in the day. As we were heading back to the truck, he suggested that we go to the adjacent grocery store to pick up food for the coyotes, because they were hungry.

I said, "Alexander, they were talking about a hockey team called the Coyotes coming to Hamilton. They're in Phoenix right now, but they might be coming to Hamilton" (As of right now, I believe that today is yet another one of the multiple deadlines in the ongoing story of Jim Balsille's bid to bring the team to Hamilton).

"No, Dad!" he insisted. "The coyotes are coming back and we need to make sure there's food for them this time."

And here's the beauty of how a five year old absorbs multiple unrelated news items.

In the late winter and early spring, Hamilton had a bit of a coyote problem with hungry coyotes crawling through certain neighbourhoods searching for food. It lasted at least a few weeks and was a regular news item.

Alexander, of course, remembered that the wild coyotes had been hungry and when hearing news yesterday that they might be coming to Hamilton (as in the Phoenix hockey team), was concerned that there be food for them.

Gotta love my son's interpretation of the news. In many ways it's more insightful and interesting than the regular stuff the media feeds to us.

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lime said...

fantastic! and what a kind hearted little guy too.