Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Poem for Lynn

One of the sweetest, kindest and most courageous people I've ever known passed away on July 2nd.

My sister-in-law, Lynn Bigras, passed away at the young age of 42 after a long battle with cancer. Over the past ten years she and Don have done absolutely everything that could be done to win the battle, have taken every step you can imagine, and never gave up the fight despite the odds.

When I first met my brother Don about a decade ago, he and Lynn were already married and had been together for a long time. So in my mind, they had always been together. Of course, after getting to know them, one could easily see how perfect they were as a united team, how natural it was that they should be the couple they were.

Their love, which began in their teen years and continued to grow over the past three decades, has always been an inspiration. Their coming together and never giving up despite the insurmountable struggles that faced them will continue to inspire.

Services were held for Lynn yesterday in Sudbury.

In an attempt to eulogize Lynn and celebrate her life, I realized that words could never properly describe all that she meant to so many people, the overwhelming sense of loss we are left with and yet how blessed we all are to have had Lynn in our lives.

But I did my best in crafting a poem for Lynn, which I read at the funeral mass yesterday -- and if I even captured one tenth of all the things that Lynn meant to us, then I have succeeded.

Lynn's Bright Star

A new star shines bright in the northern sky tonight
It shines down from an ocean of darkness in the night sky
Casting the goodness of light, the warmth of Lynn's love
On the earth below

A star shines bright in the northern sky
It shines down upon a young girl
With the cutest little spatter of freckles across her nose,
A charming pair of pig-tails
Bright, beautiful eyes filled with a special mirth
And a smile that lights up the hearts of those
Fortunate enough to bask in its glory

A star shines bright in the northern sky
Casts its light across a snowy field that sparkles like diamonds
The field is divided by the path of two snow machines
Racing on yet another fun-filled adventure of discovery
Echoes of laughter ring through the valley
The laughter of a father, mother and two young girls
Enveloped in the special joy of togetherness and family

A star shines bright in the northern sky
Shines down upon two young souls walking home from school
They are friends, yes, but something deeper stirs in their hearts
Blossoms into the special joy and wonder of young love
As they reach out to hold hands, that simple gesture will
Signal the beginning of a truly unique lifetime of love
A love that will continue to grow richer & get stronger with each passing day and year
A love that will grow strength and multiply in the face of challenge
It is an endless love and dedication that all others will marvel at

A star shines bright in the northern sky
Shines down upon a teacher leaving her classroom after another tireless day
Of filling young minds with information
Of sparking moments of imagination
Of providing youthful inspiration
An often thankless job, but one which she embraces
One which gives her purpose and pleasure

A star shines bright in the northern sky
Its light shines down through a bedroom window
And onto a young mother and her baby boy who sit quietly together
He swaddled in blankets and cradled in her lap
Her voice singing him a soothing lullaby
As she rocks him gently to sleep
And as he falls asleep, his tiny hand clasps tightly to her little finger
A special mother/son bond that nothing will ever break

A star shines bright in the northern sky
Shines down upon a beautiful young woman who, in the midst of embracing life
Will be dealt an unfair deal
A hand that would cause others to give up
To throw in the cards and fold
But in spite of this deal, this cruel blow
She will hold the hands of those loved ones around her
Continue to embrace life, embrace love
Continue to laugh, wonder and marvel at the beauty
That each day can bring
Her courage, strength, sheer will and determination will inspire
And upon her face she will set that unforgettable smile
The smile that lights up rooms and hearts
And reminds you that you are special
Just for having known her love
Just for having been a part of her life

Tonight, a new star shines bright in the northern sky
It casts its light down upon a large group of people
With their heads bowed in sadness
Their lives are suddenly filled with an emptiness
That, before, they could barely even imagine the depths of

Tonight, a new star shines bright in the northern sky
It wasn't there the other night
It fills a previously empty pocket of space
Shines down upon the earth with an intensity
That lights up a corner of the sky
One by one, the forlorn group of people glance up to the star
They can't help but notice its bright light, its pure beauty
It shines down on them with a rich, full light
That reminds them of that special smile of a little girl, the daughter, the sister, the wife, the mother, that cherished friend
And in the light of that star their hearts are warmed
Filled with joy and memories of laughter and adventures and
Special moments of tenderness and sharing

Tonight, a new star shines bright in the northern sky
It shines down upon us all with a strength that reminds us
Of that special, courageous woman who embraced life
Embraced others with open arms and an open heart
Tonight, a new star shines bright in the northern sky
Its light fills our lives with hope and joy and warmth
And we bask in that special light, that special love
Because we know that this new star
Which shines so brightly down upon us
This new star, that fills the dark spot with light
Will always be there burning strong in our hearts
Will always be with us
Will always be casting Lynn's special light
And her special love upon our lives

- Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Lynn (nee Brunet) Bigras
March 2, 1967 - July 2, 2009

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