Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Waking Up Naked in Canada

My short story "Less of a Man" appears in Issue 07 of Necrotic Tissue - the July 2009 issue is the latest (and first print issue) of "The Horror Writer's Magazine" as it is dubbed by the editors.

There is a cute disclaimer printed on the "masthead/copyright" page.
Warning! This magazine is chock-full of adult content and things that some would classify as twisted. It's intended for people who are old enough to vote or at least be able to fake it and not for young impressionable minds.

Side effects may include, but are not limited to, disorientation, sleepless nights and a condition known as sausage fingers. Some readers have woken up naked in Canada with no memory of how they got there.

I regularly wake up naked in Canada with no idea how I got here. But that's beside the point. This hilarious little note that the editors likely expect few people to read is one of the reasons why I've been enjoying reading this little magazine since it first came out.

This quarterly magazine is fun, twisted and not at all pretentious. The editors seek to put out a compilation of truly interesting and bizarre horror stories, and they've done a good job. And I'm delighted to be a part of this first print issue, which is available now. (You can download their first six issues for free right here.)

My story, "Less of a Man" appears on page 35 of Issue 7. It's the first "zombie" story that I ever had published and one of the first zombie stories I have written -- or at least, I think it's a zombie story, because when you read it, I never really come out and say that there is a zombie in it, but it is what I was thinking.

I was really just trying to explore the idea of a son wanting so badly to just have his father back that he would overlook little imperfections such as the man being afflicted with being a zombie, just for the simple pleasure of spending some time with his father again. Not a new concept at all, but one I wanted to explore and think I did a pretty decent job of. (I can pat myself on the back because the story was, after all, accepted for publication)

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BTExpress said...

I'm afraid to read the post. It's kind of creepy thinking of you naked.