Monday, September 14, 2009

A Good Problem For Brick To Have

Last week in a rambling blog post about lime beer, I rambled on about how I hate it when the mega-breweries push around the independent, Canadian-owned smaller brewers.

But yesterday, when I went to buy more of the Red Baron Lime beer, I discovered that The Beer Store was out of stock.

While a bit disappointed, I was delighted to learn that local Brick Brewing Co. is doing so well with sales of their locally produced, better priced light lime beer.

Rock on, Brick! Good for you.

I celebrated the fact that they were out of Red Baron Lime by purchasing Brick's Waterloo Dark.

I mean, if I can't get my extra serving of fruit in a beer, then at least I can drink a dark beer which is better for me - right?

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Mark Leslie said...

I just thought I should update this post with a quick comment - The Beer Store DID inform me that they'd be BACK in stock likely by Monday or Tuesday of this week, so they're only temporarily out . . . I was also assured by someone at Brick Brewery that the Hamilton market is being replenished in a timely manner, so anybody looking for Red Baron Lime in Hamilton, don't despair, it was just a temporary out of stock.