Thursday, September 10, 2009


I recently posted the latest episode of my "Prelude To A Scream" podcast.

I figured a web-cam picture of me reading the story from that episode, complete with goofy headset on, might be fitting for this week's HNT picture. I think it's fitting to post a picture of me recording my podcast on HNT because HNT is a celebration of exposure. And every time I record a new episode of fiction combined with commentary on the writing of the story, it feels like I'm exposing myself. My friend Julie E. Czerneda said it best when I'd interviewed her several years ago for a feature on the website. Julie said having her first novel published was like standing naked on the front lawn. Putting up podcasts of my fiction is almost like that -- but instead, it feels more like I'm standing half-nekkid on my front lawn.

The latest episode of PTAS features a story that I wrote with Michael Kelly and Carol Weekes back in 2007. "Relic" which is a story about an ancient evil book discovered on the shelves of the oldest science fiction bookstore in Canada was written specifically for a signing the three of us were doing that summer at Bakka-Phoenix bookstore in Toronto.

Also featured in the podcast is an excellent review of Michael and Carol's forthcoming novel Ouroboros by Norm Rubenstein and is from the Pod of Horror podcast. I have already pre-ordered my copy of the book. I can't imagine anyone hearing Norm's glowing review not wanting to rush out and get a copy of this novel. Michael and Carol are both phenomenally talented writers and I simply can't wait to read this novel.

Download MP3 by right-clicking here.

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lecram said...

I concur. My first works was like living in that "going to school naked dream". Though 50 odd plays on and I'm kinda liking it. :)

BTW... my annual sarong HNT is next week. Perhaps it is something you can get wrapped in?