Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mr. Man's First Day Of School

This morning was Alexander's first day of school. He is entering Senior Kindergarten.

Wow, what an exciting day for all of us. Francine and I both went with him for his first day. We'll be alternating days bringing him in the rest of the year.

The first interesting thing I noticed when I was making everyone's lunch this morning was that Alexander's lunch was bigger and had more fun stuff than mine. I'll try not to be jealous.

Alexander standing outside the front door

Alexander and Francine getting ready to head out to the first day of school.

Heading off the school with his Wall-E backpack

Francine and Alexander heading across the parking lot toward the school.

Wow. Time sure flies. I hope he has a great day at school today. He was pretty excited and though a little shy when he first met his teacher, he didn't seem nervous at all. He was really looking forward to everything. I can't wait to hear stories from him about all the fun things he did.

I always loved school, though I did have a nervous stomach, so often had a bad case of butterflies or nausea on my first day of school. I'm glad to see he hasn't inherited that from me. (Let's hope he doesn't get the baldness thing either)

Sigh. My little boy is growing up so fast. I'm telling myself NOT to sneak over to the school and pop in to visit to see how he's doing.

The next thing I know, we'll be shipping him off to University.

We have to treasure these moments while they happen. Treasure each and every one of them.

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lime said...

it's indeed a very special day. as one who just shipped her first off to university i can attest to hwo quickly the time flies.