Thursday, September 17, 2009

HNT - Web Cam Double Espresso Book Launch

It's interesting enough that it's the busiest time of year for a campus bookstore.

But on top of that, we've got a world first going on Friday at Titles Bookstore McMaster University.

It's being called a Double Espresso Book Launch.

S. Minsos, author of Squire Davis and the Crazy River, will be doing a book launch for Spotted Cow Press at the University of Alberta bookstore (the first location in Canada to get an Espresso Book Machine) -- Spotted Cow Press has been an innovator and using the Espresso Book Machine for their publications. Since we have an Espresso Book Machine and the book is of significant local interest to Brantford and area, we'll also have the book availale via our Espresso Book Machine and will be broadcasting the live event at Titles Bookstore at McMaster and offering our customers a chance to ask questions via a live web cam feed back to the U of A.

The historic event takes place Friday September 18th 5 PM Hamilton time (EST) and 3 PM Edmonton time (MST). Anyone excited about the very recent Google and Espresso Book Machine / On Demand Books announcement should come check it out to see just how good the books that come out of the machine are.

Yesterday, we spent some time nailing down the technology we'll be using to broadcast between U of Alberta bookstore and the campus bookstore at McMaster. I'm pretty delighted to be offering a live feed between the two locations. Our colleagues at the U of Alberta bookstore are always a delight to work with.

When I was printing some required textbooks late into the night last night and working on my laptop near the Espresso Book Machine, I forgot that my laptop web cam was still on.

Thus the following pic was captured. Do I look overworked, tired and frustrated? Don't worry, I tend to get that look on my face every September.

When I realized the camera was still on, I figured I'd reposition the web cam, grab one of the Minsos books we're launching Friday and pose for a HNT photo.

Then I deleted the few dozen shots of my frustrated look while I was trying to play catch up on emails that had come in throughout the day.

A bit more info about our particular location's launch for this event can be found on the following Facebook event page: Double Espresso Book Launch.


lime said...

hehehe, those surprise shots are fun aren't they? good luck with the launch!

BTExpress said...

I think you look exhausted and could use a good laugh. Good look with the big event!

Now for the big laugh, come on by and see my video HNT this week.