Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HNT - Campus Committee

The fun and informative days spent in October 2009 in Montreal at the Campus Stores Canada 2009 Symposium seem like a distant memory, but I'm still referring to notes made during the fantastic presentations and meetings that took place.

Of course, much of the greatness is due to my wonderful colleagues from the CSC Education Committee, and that's where the "nekkid" element of this week's photo comes in. This picture is a bit of a look at the people behind the education session programming.

Here's a picture of the group that was taken near the end of CSC 2009.

Carol Tyre, Michael Zybala (Co-chair), Gail Murray, Mark Lefebvre,
Penny Draper, Brian Vincent, Maddona Day, Mary Andraza,
Paul Wilde (Chair). (Not pictured are Craig Fleming & Wayne Amundson)

What a darned good looking bunch of campus folks, eh? They're smart, too.

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