Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sigler Does It Again

There he goes, leading the pack when it comes to trying new things. Okay, I'll admit, just because I'm not aware of any other author applications out there (ie, applications that allow a fan to "keep up to date" about a particular writer), doesn't mean they don't exist.

Photo of Scott Sigler by Amy Davis Roth - liberated from Scott's bio page

But, as has often been the case, Scott Sigler is one of the very first, if not the first author out there to have had an iPhone application developed allowing fans to instantly and easily keep track of updates from him. (And again, I should point out that I didn't research this fact very well, but given his track record as a pioneer*, I wouldn't doubt if he's the first author to do this)

Sigler's iPhone Application, which you can find through the iPhone App store, or by clicking here, allows you access to:

1. Automatic updates any time Scott posts a new podcast or video
2. Play them right from your phone or iPod Touch
3. The entire back catalog of Scott Sigler books from
4. All the FDO™'s brilliant tweets
5. See all Tweets about the FDO™, no matter who tweets them

You have to admit, it's a pretty cool application for fans.

Going to show you that Sigler is, again, on the cutting edge.

* Yes, let's sum up some of the pioneering trends Sigler was on top of:

Sigler practically re-invented book publishing when, frustrated with being unable to break into publishing the traditional way, he decided to pave his own path. He released his novel EarthCore in 2005 as the world's first "podcast-only" novel in 20 weekly episodes. He continued recording and giving away his unique brand of science-fiction horror thrillers until he amassed a following of thousands of listeners from around the world. (EarthCore apparently had over 10,000 followers and that number continued to grow as each new book was released)

His giant fan base eventually garnered the attention of a smaller Canadian publishing house (Dragon Moon Press) and, using social media to help boost sales of Ancestor (by using his fan base to all buy one of his books at the same day, hitting #2 on Amazon's bestseller list -- Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallow was at #1 at the time -- little chance of ANYONE beating that one at the time) -- Sigler proved you can sky-rocket the Amazon sales listings. Activities like this ended up getting Scott attention in various media outlets, which caught the attention of a New York publishing house, and Crown Publishing released Sigler's hardcover novel Infected, in 2008. The sequel, Contagious, also in hardcover, was released in 2009.

Sigler continued to give away his novels for free, releasing the book in audio podcast form while the hardcover books (along with hard copy audio versions of the book by Crown Publishing) were available for sale. His legion of fans continued to support him by purchasing the hard copies of the books.

Sigler is proof that a lot of hard work, talent, and having the balls to take unique and interesting risks and try new things, can actually pay off.


Scott Sigler said...

Mark, glad you dig the app and all the efforts to put the power of choice back in the hands of the end consumer. For far too long, a select few tastemakers got to decide what we read, watched and listened to. The internet has changed all of that -- by putting content out for free, the audience gets to pick and choose what they like. Then, if the content is good enough, they are more than happy to pay to support that author. Plus, app goes in your pocket, so you can have some Sigler in your pants!

Mark Leslie said...

Yeah, but the only thing that scares me about Sigler in my pants is my big worry about those damn chicken scissors -- that scene in INFECTED STILL gives me nightmares, Scott!