Friday, January 08, 2010

VistaPrint Making It Right

Just a few hours after I posted an open letter to VistaPrint, I heard from a representative at VistaPrint.

This person very politely thanked me for the kind words about their services and products and then offered me a quick and easy link to where I could modify my "promo email" settings to one per week -- a spot in my VistaPrint account that I hadn't been previously aware of. Though I'd prefer one per month, one per week is definitely better than the almost daily ones I've been receiving. So I'm quite satisfied that will stop.

This person also wondered if some of my extra emails might be coming from affiliates who weren't supposed to be sending emails to existing VistaPrint customers and offered to look at any of the ones I received in excess of my account-setting limit by having me forward them so they could be investigated further.

THIS is an example of two really cool things, IMHO.

1) A company using social media to check out customer feedback (obviously some sort of auto-scan bot must have found my mention of their company) and actually listen to customer feedback and commentary.

2) A company that takes the time not only to listen but to engage, communicate and respond to customers in a proactive and constructive way. This makes the company "real" and "human" to me as a consumer and not just a "corporate" entity.

Colour me impressed.

I had an issue, I raised the issue (not even with the company, I was just randomly ranting on my blog to try to show an example of something that some companies do that annoy me), a representative from the company in question was listening AND they took appropriate and reasonable action to help me resolve my issue. I started out annoyed and angry and ended up a satisfied customer. And it didn't cost the company much more than a caring employee taking a few moments out of their day.

So, in celebration of that, here's my new and updated open letter to VistaPrint:

- - - - -

Dear VistaPrint Canada:

Thanks for listening, thanks for being proactive. Thanks for responding, thanks for helping me with my issue. I'm now doubly impressed with your service and integrity. Your company employs really good people. Thank you for that. I will continue to use and suggest your services to friends and colleagues.


An Impressed Customer

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