Thursday, January 07, 2010

HNT - Lotsa Books

I've recently posted a Top 10 list for books I read in 2009 here on this blog as well as my favourite books from the past 10 years on The Mark News.

So to celebrate the fact that I regularly have my nose in a book (or on a book as one picture shows), here's a collage of pictures I've taken in the past few years of me doing what I do often . . . reading. Okay, I'll be honest, in these pics I was pretending to read or just hamming for the camera . . .
(And I'll throw in a bonus -- the first person who can name all the books I'm reading (or being hit by) -- both the author/editor and the title of the book, will be sent a prize. Leave your guesses in the comment field or email me. Here's a hint for those with the patience to search -- most of these pictures (or similar versions) appeared in my blog previously, usually during HNT, so you should be able to find out the titles via some quick investigative reading of my archives . . . I mean, if anyone DARES waste their time like that)

Happy HNT!

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