Friday, January 29, 2010


Immediately after Apple's recent announcement about their new iPad product, the jokes began to fly about how it sounded like a feminine hygiene product.

My friend Cataldo, who regularly makes hilarious and astute observations, updated his Facebook status to "Apple could release toilet paper (the iWipe or something more crass), and people will still go nuts over it."

Cat, of course, inspired some deeper thought in me with that one.

I mean, just imagine it. It WOULD be the world's best toilet paper, wouldn't it? Just look at all the other great novelty toilet paper that's already available. Here's a new market Apple could revolutionize.

Have you ever been stuck in the washroom for long periods of time without anything to read? The iWipe could solve those problems, using e-ink technologies built into soft and fluffy toilet paper, you could either read a book, or perhaps watch a movie without having to leave the john.

Or, if you had to run to the washroom while in the middle of watching a television program, you could simply start watching a live television stream of the show on your iWipe.

Of course, if the book, movie or program you're watching is substandard in any way, you'd have no reservations about wiping your butt with it . . . (and, of course, offering Apple another great way of generating more revenue with their built in "user rating" system that they'd sell to the folks at Neilsen)

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Shoop said...

Sounds much better than the Arnold Schwarzenegger toilet paper, its rough and tough and doesn't take shit from anybody.