Friday, February 04, 2011

Blizzards 'N Beer

The other day, which brought strong winds and 28 cm of snow (which was a let-down, because the forecast called for upwards of 40 cm), was a snow day. Francine's workplace and my workplace were closed, as was our son's school.

I hung out with my neighbour, as we often do during the winter months, at the end of a snow shoveling session, leaning on a shovel and chatting while our kids played in the newly grown snowbanks in our front yards.

When shoveling in the morning, it was too early to break out the beer, but for our post-lunch return to shoveling, Chad brought out a couple of cans of MGD that cooled beautifully in the snowbank while we worked. Finishing, we moved to the back deck (the normal place we share beers, but usually in the hot summer months) while the kids played in the back yard.

Then I went in to get some Moosehead, which we thrust into the snowbanks to keep properly chilled.

Of course, unlike the summer months, the longer our beers sat around outside, the colder they got.

Not that they sat around for long once the shoveling was actually finished.

Because as the kids continued to play, then pop inside for some hot chocolate and snacks, we continued to make a dent in the case of Moosehead.

Gotta love ad hoc winter-time back yard gatherings.

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Carol Weekes said...

It's amazing how practical snow can be, as well as entertaining - keeping beer cold. Yesterday Rick and I sat out and actually lit a fire in our outdoor fireplace, and used the snow bank for the same thing: keeping wine chilled. Had to grin at your post!