Thursday, February 03, 2011

HNT - The Hole In The Wall

At work, we have a location known as "The Hole in the Wall" -- it's a small room (what likely used to be a small closet perhaps) off of the main bookstore that has two counters facing out in the hallway.

We use The Hole in the Wall for textbook buyback as well as for refunds during the "Rush" period.

During this past January Rush, I covered off several breaks and lunches for the lady who was overseeing the authorization of returns and had the pleasure of getting to know Rose Bivens, a person we'd brought in for that short period to run the cash register. What I didn't know is that Rose is an artist - a talented artist.

At the end of the Rush period, the staff who worked at The Hole in the Wall were surprised with a beautiful hand-crafted card drawn by Rose featuring caricatures of all of us. I thought it was absolutely brilliant and really well done -- she wonderfully captured the entire "cast" of characters and delighted us all.

(The reason I'm holding a Lemonade sign in the picture is because during one of the coldest days of January, whenever it got slow and there were no customers in line for returns, I'd call out "Lemonade! Five cents!" as students walked past the hall, perhaps wondering what the booth in the hallway was for)

Interestingly enough, if there actually were 8 of us standing inside The Hole in the Wall all at the same time, we'd be pretty crowded and standing on each others toes.  As it was, squeezing more than 5 people inside at the same time was a bit of a challenge, but certainly fun.

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