Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's Snow Fun

I'm continually bemused at the way bookstores have been using social media to comment on local/recent events and just have fun, providing marketing value for the store, yet amusing, entertaining and interacting with customers on a whole new level.

Remember, there's an intrinsic joy in the book nerd's heart upon walking into a bookstore, upon browsing the displays and shelves of books -- it's all about the serendipity of discovering something you weren't planning on, about the great conversation with a bookseller or another customer that enlightens you or simply brightens your day.

Photo of Shakespeare & Company from Bookshelf Porn

Really great social media presence from a bookstore offers those same things but in a digital sense.

We're lucky at Titles Bookstore McMaster University to have a creative, playful and energetic person behind our own Twitter/Facebook and other social media offerings. She's right into it, constantly interacting, answering questions and offering all kinds of hints, tips, advice, fun pictures, updates and links of interest to the greater McMaster community.

Yesterday, with the impending snowstorm threatening to criple the region, The BookShelf (Guelph's Bookstore/Cinema/Resto-Bar) sent out the following message to it's Facebook fans.  "Tomorrow customers will receive 20% off all Canadian Fiction and Non-fiction if they ski, skate, bike, snow shoe, walk... and mention this message."  I love the way it turns a "snowpocalypse" situation into something fun -- a fun challenge for customers.

Chat Noir Books also regularly puts out fun and playful Facebook & Twitter updates, as does Pages on Kensington, Words Worth Books and Blue Heron Books.  Oh, who am I kidding, that's just the beginning of the incredible digital presences of great bookstores. I could keep listing them all day.

So even on a day when a person is snowed in, you can still enjoy the fun book-nerdish joy of your favourite local (or not so local - because several of these places are far from my neighbourhood) bookstore when they're kicking around within the social media circles.

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