Thursday, February 17, 2011

HNT - More Baba's Boys Pictures

Last year I posted some pictures of my Baba with her three grandkids. Her boys: Me, Rodney and Kevin.

Yesterday, I was going through some pictures of Baba and pulled a few more out that I thought were neat.

The first one was taken in my bedroom. I must have been either in Grade 7 or Grade 8 at the time. Rodney, Kevin and I were playing on my Intellivision game system.  You can see an Underwood typewriter on the desk beside me. I'm pretty sure that was when I was working on one of my first novels -- a "Dungeons & Dragons" inspired story of a wandering barbarian and one of those early written pieces that will NEVER leave the trunk. I'm pretty sure that the book on the TV tray was one of my D&D manuals that I was using as a piece of reference material for some of the monsters attacking my characters.

The next shot is one that was taken many years later and in the kitchen we spent so much time in with Baba.  She paused long enough from going back and forth from the fridge to get us more food and drinks to pose with us for a picture. I love the way that Baba and Kevin's hands are clasped together in this shot.

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