Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl For Non-Sports Fans

About the only time I'm into sports is towards the tail end of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

But I admire the hype and build-up to things like the Super Bowl. The event goes far beyond the actual sport, and to the extreme of hoopla to such an extend that even non-sports fans like myself can enjoy and appreciate the excitement around it all.

I'm a BuzzAgent -- BuzzAgent is a word of mouth marketing network that allows me to sign up for campaigns for products and services that I might be interested in, with a chance to get samples for free and earn points towards other products.

I was recently given a chance to share some videos for Chevy Super Bowl commercials -- while most of them are fun and interesting (and man, but do I ever love Tim Allen's voice for commercials -- he does these as well as a radio series for Michegan outdoors, and has a fantastic narrator voice) I've got a few favourites from the batch that I'd like to share here.

This particular commercial, which refers to an upcoming Transformers movie, is a fun one . . . interesting to see it's an ad not just for Chevy, but also for an upcoming film.

However, I was most impressed with some of the social networking features being included in some of the new Chevrolet models. Very interesting to see.

Check out the Chevy App . . . ultimate in remote control . . .

And, of course, there's the ability to use OnStar to check your Facebook news feed . . .

See, there's something in Super Bowl for non-sports fans, too.

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