Friday, October 28, 2011

All Hallow's Read 2011

I love All Hallow's Read.

It's a relatively new tradition started by Neil Gaiman - the basic premise is that it would be really nice if, at Halloween, people give a scary book.

No, not instead of candy, but as an additional fun thing to do. Give someone a scary book, give them something fun and scary to read.

I love the tradition - I think it's awesome.

People all over have embraced the idea - this year many have combined it with Bookcrossing (the act of leaving books with specially marked stickers for strangers to find, take and read, then pass along to others - with a tracking number for the book so that people can track a book on its journey) There's also a hashtag being used on Twitter (#allhallowsread) as people are sharing the love of giving a book for Halloween.

This year, apart from wanting to physically hand a few scary books over to people in person, I thought I'd do a little online "give a scary book" - so I've set up two fun giveaways.

First, I'll be purchasing a copy of Terribilis by Carol Weekes, a fantastic new thriller published by Atomic Fez. I'm doing that through the Goodreads giveaway - a great online book and reading community. (I love that Goodreads offers this "giveaway" capability, allowing a random person who enters/requests the book to win. (I've registered the giveaway, but as of early this morning it hasn't yet gone live)

Second, I'm giving away a three story Halloween themed chapbook of mine called Tricky Treats.

It collects three stories I had previously published in Crossroads magazine: But Once A Year, Treats and Tricky Treater (along with a poem: Holiday Demons). All four pieces were reprinted in my book One Hand Screaming, but I thought putting together a special short ebook for Halloween might be fun. (Note: the Halloween stories collected contain ADULT content and are meant for a mature audience -- ie, they're not meant to be read by young people)

Tricky Treats normally retails for $1.50 and is available at Amazon, Smashwords as well as many other places where you can buy ebooks, but I'm offering it free to as many people who want it.

To get Tricky Treats free, simply go to Smashwords and use the coupon code: KH45F. You can download various different versions of it and load it to the ereader of your choice.

The coupon will be good until November 2nd.

Happy Halloween - enjoy your reading!

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