Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fun Play On Words (en français)

Although my last name is French (no, not "Leslie" - that's my middle name as well as part of my nom de plume), I'm not fluent in the French language.

Shame on me for that.

But I am trying. And working with a great group of folks at the University of Montreal (Université de Montréal) is helping me because it's given me a great excuse to try saying some things in French. And the best part about it is that everyone is so wonderfully accepting of the manner by which I'm gently murdering the French language that I'm not afraid to take large stabs at trying to express things in French. And when I stumble, everyone is helping me get it right.

And they are also very patiently explaining things to me.

For example, Simon, the Xerox rep whom I'm working quite closely with, explained the brilliant play on words on the sign for the U de M's forthcoming Espresso Book Machine launch later this week.


"Histoire" translates most closely to "history" but is also a synonym for "story" -- thus the play on words and the twofold message. Come to the opening of the EBM at U of Montreal and be part of history (ie, the evolution of printing). But, when printing your own book (imprimez la votre!) you're making your own story. So you're witnessing history AND being part of the story. Nice.

I'm just a sucker for a good play on words - no matter which language it's in. (J'aime un bon jeu sur les mots)

Okay, now back to my French lessons . . . (maintenant de retour à mon cours de français)

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