Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making A Good Thing Better

You know how peanut butter and chocolate, when brought together, created a marvelous new taste sensation?

I discovered just such a sensation the other night when Francine and I were out on a date. Yes, our idea "date night" involves having a quiet and relaxed dinner, then spending an hour or two browsing around a bookstore, then having coffee and chatting.

On last Saturday night's date (our celebration of 15 years of marriage), I fell in love. But I didn't just fall in love again with my beautiful wife and the life we've created together (like peanut butter and chocolate - to carry the metaphor on, I suppose I'm the PB and she's the chocolate)

What I also fell in love with was the idea of a new version of Scrabble.  

Scrabble for Book Lovers. Or rather, Scrabble: Book Lovers Edition.

It plays like traditional Scrabble but there are bonus points for using author names, book titles or literary characters. There are also book-world themed cards that seem to work like CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST cards in Monopoly, where you can play one of those cards to perform some sort of special bonus activity) It looks like a lot of fun and a book nerd's delight.

The game is made by Usaopoly and licensed by Hasbro, but I haven't been able to find it on either of their websites.

In any case, both Francine and I were delighted to see this incredible merger of two things we love so much. We love playing Scrabble (although, admittedly, she often kicks my ass) and we love books.

This new version of the game seems to be just such a thing for us to spend a relaxing evening at home together in front of the fireplace after Alexander goes to bed.

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