Monday, October 24, 2011

Dr. T Cartoons

When I was in Montreal last week, I was able to catch up with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in almost twenty years. One of the things she brought along with her was a couple of cut-outs of a cartoon I had drawn for The Gully Gazette, the Levack District High School student newspaper.

The cartoon was called "Dr T" and featured Jim Turcott, our Math and Physics teacher at LDHS who also ran a DJ service under the name "Dr T."  I have blogged about Jim, a man I truly admired, respected and wanted to grow up to be like -- but I thought it was really fun to see the cartoons I had put together back when I was in high school.

There are two separate strips here.  The first one is just Jim. The second one features me (sitting) and my buddy John Ellis (standing) and, of course, Jim. The drawing style I was using was one I had started back in Grade Seven inspired by a buddy named Kevin McAuley - AKA Slizz (whom I have also blogged about) - the characters look and feel is similar to the ones that artist Don Martin from Mad magazine used.

It was fun to see the fun "writing" I had been doing back in high school and great to smile and remember Jim, that fun teacher who didn't mind that I had drawn a cartoon featuring him.

Thanks, Mitch!


Anonymous said...

nothing to add, but lmao!

did you ever do one re: Reach For The Top? we had a ball with him when 'studying' during team practices...

one of the teachers who made school (pre veterinary college) bearable - and he even made it fun!


Mark Leslie said...

LOL, no, I think I only did a few strips like this, but RFTT would have been a fun area to cover. (By the time I got to LDHS, "Reach for the Top" was replaced by "School Reach" - and he was still involved and made it a blast)

And yes, Jim always made learning fun.