Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Got A New Skull

Yesterday, as part of a themed series of gifts from Francine (she loves to do fun themes that she knows I'll love), I received this great skull.

It's a bowl - we'll likely use it as a candy dish for Halloween - but I'll want to use it when I do book signings - particularly when I do them during the Halloween season. You fill the bowl with some free treats and it often brings people a little bit closer to your lonely store-front table . . . it's also a fun conversation piece.

Okay, who am I kidding? I'll want to keep this thing out year, round. I could eat popcorn out of it. Wouldn't that be a great popcorn bowl when you're watching horror movies? I could perhaps find a spot on the end of my desk to keep this on, fill it with tiny chocolate bars so that when I'm in the throes of an all-day writing marathon I don't need to stop for sustenance - I simply reach over and keep myself fueled.

Hmm - I wonder if they have a similarly sized skull coffee mug?


Monique said...

Oooh popcorn dish for horror movies? I totally did not think of that. I need this.

steph said...

If I didn't know you and I saw you with that at a book signing, I would think you were totally cool!!

Mark Leslie said...

Best of luck finding one, Monique. If you're in Canada, they're at Shoppers Drug Mart.

And Steph, the good news is that most people who see me at a book signing don't know me and thus think I'm pretty cool. ;)