Sunday, May 16, 2021

Toronto Public Library Sets World Record for Digital Downloads

A recent CTV Toronto news update shared that Toronto Public Library (with 100 branches) has broken a world record with 8 million digital downloads in the last year.

“Toronto Public Library for the 8th year in a row is the largest consumer of e-content in the world, so it's quite a large system," said Shawn Mitchell to reporter Pat Foran, in the aforementioned article.

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I have sold plenty of print, eBook, and Audiobooks to libraries around the world. But a quick check of TPL's online listing for eBooks and Audiobooks shows that, while they do have my non-fiction books from Dundurn...


...they don't appear to have any of my other eBooks or Audiobooks.

But did you know that you can request virtually any of my eBooks or Audiobooks (or print books for that matter) from Toronto Public Library, or wherever your local library happens to be?

Here's a look at some of the titles of mine available (in eBook and Audiobook format - most of these are also available in Print) via OverDrive.