Friday, December 11, 2009

Calculated Risk - BNC Tech Forum 2010

I just registered for BookNet Canada's annual BNC Technology Forum which takes place March 25, 2010. I have attended all of them up until this point and have to say that the single packed day of information about technology and innovation within the book industry are definitely worthwhile.

Of course, this year, I'd better be there, since I also happen to be presenting the topic Trailblazing: Leading the Way to a New Kind of Supply Chain with Hugh McGuire of Book Oven and LibriVox.

Here's the bio page for speakers at BNC Tech Forum 2010.

The last time Hugh and I were scheduled to speak at an event, we were in parallel sessions at Campus Stores Canada 2009 Symposium. He was doing What Are Campus Bookstores For? while opposite him I was partnered with a buddy from Queens University bookstore doing Strategic Campus Alliances. I enjoyed his presentation at BNC Tech Forum 2009 as well as his regular participation in the Media Hacks podcast hosted by Mitch Joel and was disappointed I didn't get to see Hugh's presentation in Montreal about a month ago.

At least this time I'll get to see Hugh's presentation really close.

The 2010 BNC Tech Forum is entitled Calculated Risk: Adventures in Book Publishing and it looks like it'll be another stellar day. Early bird registration rates are still available, and, fortunately, space is still available, but I doubt there'll be space for long.

Check out the schedule, then, if you're curious about how to incorporate technology into your part of the book industry to maintain relevance in these times of significant change, then you should seriously consider registering.

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