Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2018 Book Related Sales And Stuff

In the past two episodes of my podcast (Episode 55 and Episode 56), I spent some time looking at where I had earned writing specific income. What formats, what sources.

For example, in looking at just writing income, I broke it down into Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, Mixed (a combination where it was difficult to determine or split the source), and business writing. IE, writing I got paid for but didn't get a byline.

I also broke down the format into Print, eBooks, Audio, Mixed (again, where it was difficult to split off the actual source in any meaningful way) and speaking (this would be talking as a writer of fiction or non-fiction paranormal, and not my speaking about the book and publishing industry)

I found it interesting that, within my eBook sales, two collaborative publishing platforms represented my #3 and #4 spots. (With Kindle and Kobo holding the #1 and #2 spots).

I have long suggested that the future of publishing is going to involve more collaboration than ever before. This appears to be happening more in my own writing world.

I find this exercise useful for figuring out my plans and strategy adjustments for the next year.

If you are curious to read more details, you can read/listen to them on the aforementioned episodes:

Episode 55 - Forward Momentum While Looking Back
This is a solo episode where I review my sales - or at least start to. Because I continue some of it into Episode 56.

Episode 56 - Balance and Counterbalance with Katie Cross
This is an interview episode with Katie Cross - awesome and inspiring all on its own. In the opening personal update section, I share a few more of those 2018 sales details

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Aging Like a Good Cheese Or A Fine Wine

There has been a fun #howhardhasaginghityouchallenge going around on Facebook, and, since curiosity got the best of me, I thought I'd look back at what my first Facebook Profile pic actually was.

LOL, it was the exact same profile pic I had used, consistently, across all social media.

And I didn't change it for 7 years.

Then, in the past few years, it was like I was trying to make up for lost time, because I changed it multiple times.

Apparently, I also lost my shirt in 2014. (In retrospect, maybe that was some sort of thinly laced separation/divorce joke)  ;)

Intersting that I only ever used a photo that wasn't me when Barnaby, reading one of my books, stood in for a short time period.

I thought it might be fun to then look at my author profile page on Facebook and see how many profile pics I'd shared there.

Only 7 changes on my author profile page since I started it up in 2011. About once per year.

I'd started with my very first author photo - one that my buddy Greg Roberts took for me and that I had used for my first book, One Hand Screaming, in 2004. I had also used a few that were a little more "on brand" particularly the smart-ass one with the graveyard backdrop and the latest, the caricature done by the talented Seth Wilks.