Friday, March 18, 2005

It's In His Kiss

This particular blog is about my pal Taras Shuper - or Shup (pronounced Shoop) - I'm too lazy to put the little funky character above the u to give the proper pronunciation key here. The first time I heard someone call him "Shup" I was reminded of the song that Cher re-did for the movie Mermaids. The song is called "It's in his kiss" but is more commonly known as "The Shoop Shoop Song"

Had a fun chat with Shup yesterday, learning about all the industrious things that he and his wife Shelley (often called Shell by Shup - yes, he has a thing for short names and anagrams) are doing with the new house that they bought. You can check out the floor plans and exciting details at Shup's Website

As I was dithering over what keg refrigerator to get, Shup informed me that Shelley had bought him the Danby model, one of the models I was considering getting from Home Depot and that he's absolutely enjoyed it.

I've been wanting to have and bar and beer on tap in my home for years now. (Strange the things that a man yearns for). With the recent bar that Francine and I put into the basement, I'm feeling that the beer tap would actually make the basement complete. Of course, I need to get off my duff (yes, reference to the beer that Homer drinks was completely intentional) and actually finish the trim for the family room and stairs as well as the fireplace mantle first, to really make the basement complete. If I don't do that first I might make it past the bar when I go into the basement........

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the mention, i noticed i got a few referals from your site as i reviewed my logs. Let me know when you get the fridge.