Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ol' Four Eyes Is Back In Town

After about twenty years of wearing contact lenses, I'm now back to wearing glasses. A recent visit to the eye doctor revealed a not-uncommon side effect of the "hard" or gas permeable "Boston Lens" contacts I've been wearing. Apparently, at the edge of the contact, there can sometimes be a space where the eyelid doesn't always properly make contact with the eye, and thus doesn't provide proper lubrication. I've got one very visible dry/damaged spot on my right eye and two other tiny spots on each eye. The doctor told me it would be a good idea not to wear my contact lenses for at least 6 months.

So I ordered in a new pair of frames. There's nothing wrong with the giant George Burns/Sophia Loren style glasses I've had for the past ten years now, but I thought it might be worth trying something a little different, especially if I had to wear them out of the house. So I ordered in a pair of frames with a black tops and rimless bottoms. At first I thought that they looked a bit like the pair of glasses that Michael Douglas wore in Falling Down but my frames aren't quite as bold as the ones he wore in that movie.

Let's hope that when the daily grind gets to be too much that my reaction isn't quite so bold as his character's in the same movie.


growden said...

Did I mention that I'm a clumsy bastard... and I recently got new frames...

All hail the politely visually impaired.


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