Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Try, try again

Returned home from the trip to Sudbury to find a very nicely written R.S. in the mail from an editor at Doubleday Canada for my novel Morning Son. While I wasn't expecting that they'd actually buy the novel, it's still no fun to get a rejection. The comments made by the editor were helpful in easing the blow because they indicated that he actually read the novel and did like it - just not enough to reccomend it to the next level in the selection phase. Oh well, got to get off my duff and send another query package out to another publisher. The book isn't going to publish itself.

The reading/signing at Chapters Sudbury went really well - in terms of participation and a full house of kids and parents listening to me read my story. The kids loved the story of Paul and Uncle Zak and were eager to answer science related questions and participate in the light bending demonstration. I didn't sell a single copy of Stardust or One Hand Screaming, but, as always, the staff at the store were phenomenal. I think that, even knowing in advance that I wouldn't sell a single copy, I'd still do such an event again. It's fun and I guess it never hurts to get out there and promote your writing.

The long drive back from Sudbury is always good in terms of planning things. Francine strongly suggested that the next writing project I seriously work on (besides editing the North of Infinity books, and working on my novel Define Pain) would be the book of short plays for teachers based on the successes that my play The Show Must Go On has had at several Ontario schools. I've continued to put that work on the back burner, but really need to be realistic about putting together a query package for it.

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