Friday, March 11, 2005

Me old stompin' grounds

Will be heading up to Sudbury this weekend to visit my mom and also to do a book signing/reading at the Sudbury Chapters. It's part of a March Break event, so I'll be reading my story "Looking Through Glass" from Stardust in the Tales From the Wonder Zone series by Julie E. Czerneda then doing some "so easy you can do this at home" science demonstrations for the kids. I haven't done a Wonder Zone event in a while - it will be fun to return to that again. Reading for kids and working with kids is always a fantastic experience.

My mom mentioned that there was a blurb about the event in the Sudbury Star yesterday, which is great. When I launched my book One Hand Screaming there in Oct 2004, both the Sudbury Star and the Northern Life did articles about me and my book - and a whole bunch of people showed up to the signing that afternoon.

It was so heart-warming to be welcomed by my old home town in that way. Sudbury is certainly a community with heart. (Okay, okay, so I grew up in Levack, a small town about 45 minutes NW of Sudbury, not actually in the city of Sudbury itself, but I still think of Sudbury, which, at the time, was the great metropolis that me and my friends aspired to venture out into, as my hometown). Northern Ontario will always have a special place in my heart.

The staff at the Sudbury Chapters are also phenomenal people. They treated me like a "name" author, made me feel important and promoted my event. I'm lucky to know so many supportive people like that.

Francine and I are thinking of leaving for Levack tonight (weather permitting, of course) instead of Saturday morning - it's always a bit tricky between Barrie and Parry Sound. Alexander isn't fond of travelling in the dark (perhaps he's afraid of the dark like his father), so this would only work if he's sleeping.

We'll see how it goes...

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