Thursday, March 17, 2005

Miss You, Dad

It's been two years since my father died. Hard to believe. I still think of him often, especially now that my life has been enriched so much with the arrival of my son. When Alexander and I are playing, or watching one of his videos or just looking out his bedroom window at the sights, I often think about my dad and how much he would have loved his grandson, who we named after him. Okay, since my father's name was Eugene, we didn't quite name Alexander after him - we used his father's name instead - basically, we just extended the "honor" a generation upwards, but in our hearts it's still a connection to my dad who developed his endless love of fishing and the outdoors from his father. I still think my dad would have been proud, and I think he would have understood that as much as Francine and I cherished my father, our baby just doesn't look like a "Eugene" - he does look like an "Alexander" or an "Alex"

In any case, I'm sure that my dad would have loved hanging out with his grandson. And I'm sure that Alexander would have cherished the time spent with his grandfather as much as I cherish the memories of times spent with him. I miss you, Dad.

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