Monday, July 25, 2005

Baby Frankenstein

Today is Alexander's first official day in "day care" -- okay, so he's next door at the neighbour's house (and I'm working from home today, paranoid Daddy who wants to be as close as possible in case he needs Mommy or Daddy), but I'm certainly glad that I was off last week to spend the week with him while Francine returned to work.

I did, after all, get to be there for the first big steps. Sure, he'd been cruising around along the furniture and walls for a couple of months, but last week he got more daring and started taking more than one or two steps between objects, going as far as either walking a couple of feet from the couch over to Daddy or even trying to cross the room.

It's a bit like the Frankenstein monster's swagger, arms out, a bit of rocking back and forth trying to establish balance, this wonderfully delighted grin on his face. If the Baby Einstein folks ever did a "Baby Frankenstein" I think they could model it on seeing Alexander taking his first steps.

Of course, I never saw Frankenstein's monster fall on his bum and then let out a scream of delight and come crawling like a demon across the floor to pick up a Peekaboo Block and start chewing on it -- maybe he should have done that -- then maybe the townspeople wouldn't have rallied into a mob and chase him with burning torches.

Speaking of Baby Einstein -- last week I opened up the Baby Shakespeare DVD for Alexander -- wow, I think it's the best one yet. (And I'm not just saying that because I'm a Shakespeare fan -- the poetry is all fun kids poems and doesn't have much of Shakespeare's work in it) Both of us enjoyed the entire show and the really fun special features on the DVD. Gotta love those Baby Einstein people.

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