Monday, July 18, 2005

The Shark Has Pretty Teeth Dear

Despite the fact that I'm on vacation this week, I still got up at 5:30 to try to get some writing done. I'm in the middle of a scene between my main character and his literary agent, Mack. I'm really having fun with Mack's character. For the short story, I'd had some fun creating him and having Michael relay his thoughts about the man -- but now that I'm writing a scene with "Mack the Knife" actually in it, it's like a fun trip to an amusement park.

Cdn Werewolf in NY
10626 / 70000 (15.18%)

I'm on vacation this week because it's Francine's first week back at work since having the baby. It was a difficult thing for her to leave Alexander this morning (even though it was with me and not with the sitter -- this week is the "buffer" week to get him used to being without Mommy during the day. Next week will be the real toughie -- no Mommy, no Daddy). I honestly don't know how folks in the U.S. do this. I've heard that in many states the standard maternity leave is 6 weeks. (According to a friend from California) Wow, 12 months doesn't seem long enough. I can't imagine 6 weeks -- Fran and I were still seriously sleep deprived last year at that point. I don't think it was until the 3rd month that Alexander started sleeping through the night and we began to normalize and establish a routine that worked out well for everyone.

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