Sunday, July 31, 2005

Careful, careful.....Did It!

Sometimes when I put Alexander down for his nap (it's usually after rocking him to sleep and holding for about 10 minutes, when I can be assured that he's in a deep enough sleep to be put down), I approach the crib with him in my arms and imagine that I'm Indiana Jones in the scene from the first movie, where he's going to take this Idol and quickly, yet gently replace a bag of sand in it's place.

Sometimes I do get it wrong, but rather than a giant boulder rolling my way, I just get a baby tossing and turning, or his eyes open up quickly (suddenly the eyelids fling open like in some sort of horror movie scene), and I've gotta spend another 10-15 minutes rocking him back to sleep.

A much better deal than having to escape the giant boulder, I guess.

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