Sunday, December 25, 2005

God Bless Us Everyone

I just finished putting my son down to sleep after reading him "Twas The Night Before Christmas" -- today and this evening were very exciting and overwhelming for him. Tomorrow will, of course, be more of the same.

One of the favourite parts of my day is sitting with him as he falls asleep in my arms and watching him drift off, so peacefully to sleep. I know that it won't be long before he's too old put to sleep this way, and I'm sure I'll miss it.

As I sat there watching him, I started to reflect on how great it is to be a father, how proud I am of his achievements each day, and I think about all the things I look forward to teaching him, and all the experiences we will share. I marvel at how I'm sure the days and years will pass, like lightning before my eyes, and I'll wonder why he grew up so fast.

Each day I vow not to let those days and years pass without enjoying them to the fullest, regardless of the daily slings and arrows that life throws at us.

The world is far from a perfect place. There's a lot of work to be done by all of us. In our own way we can help make the world better, through small personal acts, and towards the end of each year, I remind myself of the importance of the simple things, like treating others with respect, and taking the time to listen to and help others. Yes, lots to be done. Lots to imagine. Lots to dream for.

But for now, I sit there, and look at him sleeping peacefully and everything is all right with the world.

Peace on earth, good will towards all.


Bob said...

Happy X-Mas Dude. May you, Francine and little Alex enjoy the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Best Wishes from Edmonton to the Lefebvre Family!!!


Magdalena said...

Merry Christmas from Texas!!

Franny said...

I always thought you'd be the BEST dad. What a lucky little boy.
Joyeux Noel!

Rainypete said...

I always think of a child as a bottomles vessel for the future. You pour all the love, wisdom, hopes and dreams into them and release them into the world. If properly equipped there is no limit to the good they can achieve and the light they can bring to this dar and twisted world we have wrought.

Zephyr said...

What a lovely post. :)

And when they get to the age of searching for porn on the web, these memories will give you a reason to still smile as you try to outwit them. *wink*