Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Walter's Brain

A friend of mine (and a heck of a talented writer), Kimberly Foottit, has her first published piece of fiction appearing in Hammered Out 7.5. Hammered Out is a Hamilton area literary magazine that normally features poetry - once a year they publish a fiction special, and they're launching this year's tonight at transit gallery at 230 Locke Street South in Hamilton at 7:oo PM.

"Doodle (drawing on literature)", by Robert Clark Yates - from cover of Hammered Out #7.5

Kim's story "Walter's Brain" which appears in HO 7.5 is a brilliant science fiction tale. Interestingly enough for Kim is that while this is her first sale, she sold the same story twice within a one week period. At the same time Hammered Out was offering to publish it in their magazine, I was also acquiring it for the anthology North of Infinity II.

If that in and of itself doesn't tell you how great a story it is (two editors with distinctly different tastes, each wanting this story in their collection), then I don't know what will. If you would like to read Kim's brilliant debut, as well as some other fine Hamilton area writers, get yourself a copy of Hammered Out 7.5. Better yet, if you're in the Hamilton area, swing by the launch and get an autographed copy.


Pete Mitchell said...

Yay Kim! Beautiful and talented --and not just in bed. ;)

Seriously I'm really pleased for her; next stop: the Pulitzer!

Rainypete said...

Well I guess I'm going to have to drop in now aren't I?

Kimberly said...

OMG...Mark I don't know what to say....except thank you. I will have to try and live up to such praise.

good grief...you've got me teary eyed!!!

Thank you, for all your support.

Franny said...

I knew you could do it babe! And this is just the start.
And thanks Mark for giving Kim that supportive plug!