Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Got My Spine, I've Got My Orange Crush

It’s always fun to watch the heart-warming television shows and annual specials that are on this time of year -- it’s all part of getting into the mood and spirit of Christmas. A series new to television this year with the spirit of warmth and of giving is NBC’s “Three Wishes” -- it’s a wonderful show with many tear-jerking moments in which Amy Grant and friends tour through different towns, listening to the wishes of people from the community. They grant three big wishes, which often completely transform, or at least temporarily brighten up the lives of people who seem to need it the most and often fill a whole slew of smaller “good deed” wishes as well. The show draws upon not only the generosity of its corporate sponsors, but also on the limitless wealth of kindness and thoughtfulness of friends, family and neighbours.

Watching the show always leaves me with a warm feeling and the desire to try to be more thoughtful, giving and considerate.

But there’s an extra happy feeling of just soaking in the beauty of Amy Grant. She has such a natural beauty to her, and I don’t just mean her physical appearance -- there’s something wholesome and genuine and down to earth about this country girl that I’ve always found so attractive.

Thinking back to when I first spotted her, it was in the music video for a duet she did with Peter Cetera called “Next Time I Fall” -- I was an easily excited teenager (as opposed to the easily excited man I am today) and couldn’t watch the video enough, swooning every time I saw her.

A few years later, she released a pop album called Heart In Motion which a girlfriend of mine at the time was a big fan of. When hanging out or driving in her car it was a lot of fun listening to the uplifting and fun songs like "Baby, Baby" and "Every Heartbeat."

And sure, while that particular girlfriend dropped me (my love life was very much like me playing the role of a string of losing contestants on "The Apprentice" - I'd barely get the boardroom seat warm when WHAM "You're fired!" would hit me), at least she left me with the Amy Grant cassette -- sure, it wasn't fun to be dumped, but at least I had the joy of sitting there in my misery, listening to Amy sing and staring at the photos from the unfolded cassette “sleeve."

Even at those low moments, Amy made me feel good. Is it any wonder why I've had a crush on her all these years?


Magdalena said...

I have to admit that for me Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Amy Grant's "Home for Christmas" cd that a friend bought me way back in like 1993! It is one of the most beautiful Christmas cds and a staple for me. You should check it out, it will only build on that feel good vibe that she seems to carry with her :)

Samira said...

Amy Grant is a lovely, talented person but don't you think shows like Three Wishes exploit our charitable impulses? They seem to spend as much time promoting advertisers brand names as they do helping people - it makes me uncomfortable. I think this ad rant column about rampant commercialism in these shows is totally on target:


Mark Leslie said...

Okay, Magda, you've made me revise my Christmas wish list to include Amy's CD.

And, that's a good point, Samira. Thanks for sharing the link (it's a pretty interesting rant site) - But ultimately all television is supported by advertisers and product placement in movies, etc is nothing new. It's just the nature of the beast.

So if Home Depot wants to provide the supplies that help Three Wishes provide a new home for a needy family, then that's both intelligently spent adversiting dollars and a good karmic investment.

In the case of reality shows that end up giving to communities and families, the more examples of charity and compassion and giving, the better off we all are.

Franny said...

Amy Grant is wholesome in that Roma Downey "Touched by an Angel" kind of way. Kinda makes you *sigh*.
I never had crushes on famous people when I was a teen. It was always maleducated Grade 12s in shop class.
What the heck was I thinking!?

Kimberly said...

I had crushes on tons of famous people growing up (none of which I will admit to here...), and I have to admit that I still harbour a few as I have gotten older. Mostly members of the "skinny white boy" club (at least according to Karen and Franny), but at least they are willing to admit that Ewan MacGregor is hot!

So crush away Mark, it's healthy!

(oh and Amy Grant's album "House of Love is excellent too!!)

Pete Mitchell said...

Yes. I would engage in conjugal relations with Amy Grant as well.