Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Attending World Horror Con 2007

Something forthcoming that I'm really looking forward to is that I'll be an attending member of the World Horror Convention 2007. (March 29th to April 1st in the heart of downtown Toronto)

I don't make it to many conventions any longer (not exactly by choice, because I love attending them, but more by other circumstances that have gotten in the way), but was delighted to see the World Horror Con come to Canada for the first time, and so darned close to home. How could I resist?

I had originally signed up to be a participant in the 2007 Gross-Out Contest, an event that had historically proven to be the foulest, sickest and funniest late-night entertainment for the convention. (Basically, within the span of 5 minutes, contestants read a story and are judged upon presentation, grossness and crowd reaction). Unfortunately, the contest has been canceled for this year. I had been working on a story specifically for the contest and was attempting to hold nothing back in terms of grossness and sickness. Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to attend the WHC in 2008 and participate then.

As it stands WHC 2007 looks to be filled with a ton of other great events, and more phenomenal horror writers than I've ever seen assembled in a single place before. Check out this list of attending members, which includes the incredible guests of honor for the convention. What a line-up!

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