Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prelude To A Scream - Finally

Back in late July, early August, I recorded and edited my fourth Prelude To A Scream podcast. However, technical difficulties and challenges prevented me from actually getting the episode posted.

In Episode 4, I read one of my poems "Frost After Midnight" which was inspired by Coleridge's "Frost At Midnight" -- one of STC's poems that I have always adored. I also talk about how even the "looked down upon" genres like horror can draw their inspiration from classic literature, and discuss how listening to James Patrick Kelly's novel Burn inspired me to want to go back and re-read some of Henry David Thoreau's writing, particularly his essay "Walking" (I never even got into how Kelly's novel inspired me to want to reread Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451)

(if you just click on the link rather than right click, it'll open up to listen to online)

And it only took me 6 months to resolve the technical issue preventing me from posting the file. In all honesty, I didn't keep trying every single day to post it -- I think I tried about half a dozen times back in August, then I might have tried again towards the end of September and maybe once more in October. I think by then I put the completed podcast on the back burner and left it there.

Until Sunday, that is, when I downloaded a newer application SpinExpress2 and my problems were resolved in a matter of minutes. Way faster than any other upload application for file sharing that I've used before. Woo hoo! Yeah for the people at SpinExpress.

(Of course, it wasn't until the file was finally uploaded thatI wondered if the entire issue was the fact that I had been using the wrong password)

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