Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT - Memories of Dianne

This week's HNT is in honour of a very wonderful, youthful and spirited woman. My mother-in-law Dianne Marzanek passed away this past Saturday. I'm posting one of my favourite pictures of the two of us, taken about 14 or so years ago when Francine and I were living in Ottawa and her mother had come up to visit.

It was near Christmas time and I had rented a bear costume for work to promote the "Coles Book Bear" that our store was selling to raise money for literacy. I like this photo because it nicely illustrates the fun and loving relationship that I always had with my mother-in-law. I'm a very fortunate man for having had her in my life and feel privileged to have known her.

Goodbye Mom. I love you.


damasta said...

Awww, very touching.. kinda like laughing thru the tears.. I like it, well done. Happy HNT, Mark.

lime said...

i agree with damasta. and the laughter will help remove the sting of tears. peace and comfort to you and francine.

loz said...

what lovely tributes (this & the last entry) to a mother so loved. I'm very sorry for your family's loss of such a special lady.



BTExpress said...

I so sorry for your loss, but I'm happy you can remember the good times. This is a great pic and on the surface, she is smiling. But underneath, I'll bet she was wondering why her son in law was dressed such a weirdo dressing like a bear and all. ;-)

SIMPLY ME said...

Sorry for your loss, very nice pic.

Georganna Hancock said...

I'm so sad to read about your loss. It's a rare mother-in-law who merits such tributes. What a woman!

Gwen said...

I'm so sorry Mark. My thoughts are with you, Fran and Alexander. Dianne sounded like an awesome person. I hope you all try to remember the great things to help you get through the hard days.

keda said...

a beautiful woman.. who gave you a beautiful family. and a wonderful tribute to her,

sorry it's been such a sad time.