Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rich Kid Complaints

Why is it that I find myself laughing at so many of the MSU (McMaster Student Union) campaign posters here at the University. Particularly at the outrageous promises. I just shook my head this morning when I noticed an entire campaign poster claiming if you elect this dude president, he'll do something about the high cost of parking on campus.

You'll get no sympathy from me, rich kids. Has nobody ever heard of a bus? How about walking? In my day it was only the rich kids who had wheels in University, and only rich kids who complained about such things. Students were more concerned with issues related to the services offered by public transit, or complaining about the local grocery store being out of stock of Kraft Dinner. The sympathy these kids'll get from me is on par with the sympathy I offer the rich who complain that it's difficult to find parking for their limo or that they find it so difficult to find good help to take care of their second and third home.

I mean, I'm getting to the age that I can now pull out the good old chestnut of: "When I was in University I walked twenty miles to campus in 10 feet of snow, in my bare feet, and it was uphill both to and from campus."


lime said...

dang whippersnappers...that'll learn em!

Kimberly said...

and don't forget all the textbooks you had to lug on your back...and that at home you had to read most nights by candlelight!