Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Abstinence Was Never An Option

I'm continually amused when I go into the closest men's washroom at McMaster. The Health and Wellness Centre creates "Reality Check" posters with regards to different lifestyle choices. In September the focus was on drinking and reminded students that a certain percentage of students chose not to drink at all, while a large percentage of students only drank 3 drinks in an evening.

Some good facts to hopefully help students keep things straight while facing numerous new life challenges often in a completely new environment.

But I still can't help but chuckle at the last series of posters aimed at sexual health:

Abstinence is always an option.

It goes on to say that 37% of McMaster students chose not to have sexual intercourse. In all seriousness, good for them. But this, of course, brings me back to my own early University days. I was one of those 37%. Of course, it wasn't really a choice. Well, it was a choice. Just not my choice. It was a choice of all the women I dated, or tried to date.

To properly encapsulate the experience of my own early University years, the statement would have to be modified to: Abstinence is your ONLY option, chump!

Speaking of abstinence, check out my buddy Mathew Growden's blog, where he has started up his own answer to Half Nekkid Thursdays. He loved the idea that Osbasso started, he just wasn't all that comfortable with stripping down. (He, of course, doesn't have quite the brilliant and sexy physique that I have -- giant middle-aged man beer belly and hairy back and all) He's calling it Fully Clothed Tuesdays. Apparently 37% of all bloggers choose to participate in FCT over HNT.

In all seriousness, I keep meaning to join in on FCT, but I keep forgetting. Go check out Mathew's site. He's a funny guy. (And if you want to blame someone for the fact that I started blogging, blame him. It's really all his fault. He forced me into it. And now I'm a blog junky, dammit) When I say the name "Mathew Growden" I still always add the following in my mind: "Purveyor of neat stuff."


lime said...

ok, so i owe this pal of yours a debt of gratitude, otheriwse i'd never have 'met' such a smart and funny fellow as you and been introduced to your wonderful wife and absolutely adorable son!

Anonymous said...

All I can think of is how a sign like that back in my university days would prompt me to the exact opposite....I mean really who WANTS to be part of the 37% minority?

seriously, I think people are taking these poor surveyors for a ride, OR they only canvassed 100 of the over 18,000 students at the school! How else do you account for the percentages they come up with?!

Stealth said...

hrrrm....I am glad he talked you into blogging for SURE...

HNT doesn't have to be nekkid.. ;-)

it can be classy :)