Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Peckish Like The Wolf

I was quite delighted to hear the fourth episode of the "Getting Published With Mark Leslie" series for Paula B's The Writing Show podcast, which went live today. (Paula is following me as I attempt to finish writing the novel "A Canadian Werewolf in New York")

The interview was pretty interesting, there were some good moments revealing the frustrations that can sometimes keep a writer from reaching desired goals as well as methods of revealing researched details in writing.

But the best part about the interview is that there are three distinct moments when you can hear Alexander in the background as he came barging into the room during the interview.

The most priceless moment is about 9:30 minutes into the interview when he runs into the room and says: "Doin'?" (It's his version of asking me what I'm doing?) I "rewound" and listened to that one several times, giggling madly each time.


lime said...

hehehehehe, cute

Rainypete said...

Too funny. That's what you get for recording with Alex running around.

I'm off for a listen now.