Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jingle Heimer Schmidt

When we named Alexander, we thought it might be nice to give him the same middle name as me "Leslie" -- but we also didn't want him to lose touch with Francine's side of the family. And since we thought it would be unfair to give him a hyphenated name particularly given our lengthy surnames, we gave him a second middle name of "Marzanek" (Fran's maiden name)

Thus, his full name is:

Alexander Leslie Marzanek Lefebvre

This makes filling out ANY official forms (like his birth record, etc) extremely fun. We almost use up every single possible space for his name. And he might be a front-running in any contest involving the greatest number of letters used in his name or in having 3 of the more rare end-of-the-alphabet letters in his name. X, Z, V.

Since I like singing to Alexander (on those occasions when he doesn't put out his hands and say: "Stop singing!!!!") and making up songs, I've enjoyed singing the following to him to the tune of the classic song: "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt."

Alexander Leslie Marzanek Lefebvre
His name is hard to spell
Whenever we go out
The people always yell
"Hey it's Alexander Leslie Marzanek Lefebvre"
La la la la la la la . . .
Of course, this often results in an urgent cry of: "Stop singing!!!!!" from both Alexander and Francine. Just wait until he's a teenager. M'wah hah hah!


Lara said...

LOL I loved your "Just wait till he's a teen" line. I actually DO that with my teens now... all that goofy stuff that would make them DIE if their friends saw. It's a very convenient gift to have, the ability to embarass the heck out of them.

I frequently remind them that I only do it to refresh in their minds the fact that I can, and would if necessary, act like that in front of their friends. It works better than anything to keep a teen in line!

Ameratis said...

My dad has always made up his own songs and sang them to us or to anybody who would listen in the house. Oft times they are absolutely horrible lyrics but I like how you made yours fit very well :)

lime said...

oh i LOVE the variation on the song! that is hilarious!!! and trust me, you'll REALLY love it when he is a teen, whether he does or not... mwahahaha