Thursday, March 08, 2007

HNT - TiT - Shrinkage

Terror in Toyland (TiT) - An HNT Adventure
by Mark Leslie

Continued from this post.

"Ow!" Mark said after the laser from Spud Trooper's gun struck him. "That stung. But I fail to see what that just accomplished. It had absolutely no effect on me."

"But it did have an effect!" Spud Trooper said. "I changed your shirt from grey to white." He started laughing. "Mwah, hah hah! Not only that, but I made you really blurry, almost as if you're now being seen through a cheap webcam rather than a high resolution digital camera."

"OhmyGod! It's true!" Mark said. "I am blurry like I'm being seen through a cheap webcam. And my shirt did change! Fix it! Fix it! It's driving me nuts!"

"I'll fix it, alright!" Spud Trooper said. And he fired another shot at Mark.

"Aw man!" Mark said. "Now that's a cheap shot!"

"We are seeking revenge!" Darth blurted out.

"No, I don't mean your laser shot. I mean the picture. It's just the same picture that was used in the last episode with a little bit of red added to it. The pictures of me might be crappy, but at least they're NEW MATERIAL!!!!"

"Stop commenting on stuff like that." Artoo said. "I hate stories in which the writer acknowledges himself and the act of writing."

"Screw you, Artoo!" Mark said. "I'm the writer and I'll do whatever I damn well please in this twisted little story."

"Aw c'mon, stop it already! Artoo said. "It's too damn Brechtian."

But Mark didn't hear it. He was too busy feeling the effect of that second cheap shot.

"Oh No!" He yelled. "I'm shriiiiiiinking......."

To Be Continued . . .


Stealth said...

LMAO!!! I live for your tater posts!!


Regal said...

You are a crazy guy! Happy HNT!

Cosima said...

Lol... that's wonderful! Can't wait to see the next episode.

Happy HNT!

lime said...

lmao! only YOU could weave such a hilarious tale using plastic toys, MS paint, deep literary 'in' humor and a webcam. i love it!


Ameratis said...

Ohhh no he is shrinking! Mark! oh no Mark! Oh the suspense until next week!

barefoot_mistress said...

Oohh you're shrinking! I cant wait for next week! Hurray!


keda said...

eeeek 2.

scary. i hope you can still reach the computer :)
happy hnt!

BTExpress said...

LMAO!!!! That gun not only changed the shirt to a different color, but turned the shirt into a collared shirt. Better be careful. Happy HNT!

tkkerouac said...

totally love this blog!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the good laugh Mark, I needed it.

Hope you're back to usual size soon.

Tara Tainton said...

Frickin' hilarious! And how come I didn't know a Mr. Potato Head Storm Trooper existed?? I should have...

Love your creative HNT approach... so much more interesting than the usual. ;)


MONA said...

shrinking??? OMG...I think I saw a little ant of a man wandering in my garden today! you think you could have wandered that far...half the world across???