Monday, July 09, 2007

No Penguins Were Hurt In The Writing of This Blog Post

At work we'll be holding a "Hurt Penguin" sale starting July 23rd. I mean, after getting over the giant highs of the final Harry Potter book on July 21st, we need to do something fun and exciting.

And what is more exciting than ordering in a giant skid of books from Penguin Books Canada that are slightly shelf worn, perhaps a little bent, scratched, scuffed, etc and selling them at bargain basement prices?

In the pre-sorting of the titles we'll be bringing in to stock, I saw an incredible collection of adult and juvenile titles. The biggest problem with this sale, IMHO, is that I'll likely be buying WAY TOO MANY of the darn things. No, that won't be the problem, the problem will be trying to sneak the books into the house without Francine seeing them.

I wanted to share a fun video I put together to help promote the sale. It's about 50 seconds, and have a few fun penguin clips in it -- many of which people have likely already seen, but I like the way I used them in this context and added a little classical music to it. (Okay, now that I'm done patting myself on the back, here's the clip)



i still hate the mail said...

I love it! Mostly because I didn't have to be in it, and I know you know what I mean. ;)

BTExpress said...

LMAO!!! Great job!

lecram sinun said...

Cool video, Mark! Very well done.

bsoholic said...

Haha! Nice job Mark, and good luck on the sale. :)

Cosima said...

Lol... such a cute video!

Wishing you much success with the sale.

Rainypete said...

What are the hours down there? I get back on the 22nd and I think that's a sign that I don't have enough distressed penguins in my life!

lime said...

LOL!!! i love it. it made me giggle uncontrollably. you are brilliant.