Thursday, July 26, 2007

HNT - Curse of the Tall

I'm a tall person. I'm used to whacking my head on things, the fact that things such as seats designed for normal people aren't always the most comfortable and that some clothes just don't fit me right.

But I still had to laugh when I saw the new Costco membership photo that was taken yesterday.

I did see the woman who was taking my picture swivel the camera up significantly before taking my picture. But I suppose it just wasn't enough. One nice thing about the picture, I suppose, is it still leaves a mystery as to how much hair there is on top of my head -- meaning the photo should be good for a long time, even after all that hair up top falls out.

For those of you eager to see the next installment of the Darth Tater / Terror in Toyland storyline, stay tuned. Lots more excitement and goofiness coming next week.

Click the image below to visit Osbasso and learn more about HNT


Zoely said...

LOL love this pic!
tall guys rawk!!!
HHNT baby!

lime said...

LOL!!!! that is priceless. thanks for sharing this part of your world.


Ameratis said...

Being short I never have that problem LOL there is usually alot of space above my head :) Cute HNT. Thanks for sharing.

BTExpress said...

Loosing your hair huh? That's okay, I have enough for both of us. Happy HNT!

BTExpress said...

Just kidding. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

lecram sinun said...

LOL... yeah, too funny! Cheers and Happy HNT!