Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Really Good Collaboration

Michael Kelly, Carol Weekes and I are working on the final drafts of a collaboration story we decided to write exclusively for a group book signing event we'll be attending at BakkaPhoenix Books in Toronto on August 25th. We'll be doing a signing with fellow horror authors Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi.

We're producing the short story as a limited edition chapbook (100 Numbered Copies) which will only be available from BakkaPhoenix Books.

While Carol and I have collaborated on stories before and Carol and Mike have also (they actually just signed a contract for a collaboration novel they're written for Humdrumming Books in the UK), the three of us have never worked on a project together. But this project went extremely well. I like to compliment myself by saying my writing messes nicely with Carol and Mike's writing style.

The result, IMHO, is a fun and chilling little story. It takes place in a science fiction bookstore in downtown Toronto, Canada's oldest independent sci-fi bookstore, in fact and follows the struggles of the bookstore staff when dealing with the mysterious death of their manager as well as this evil little thin yellowed paperback that appears on the shelves. The working title for the story is Relic: How to Get Ahead in Retail. (Yes, the story is set in a fictional version of BakkaPhoenix, Canada's oldest sci-fi book shop -- we call the bookstore BP Books and all of the staff of the store are completely fictional -- so is this evil little book, we hope)

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Rainypete said...

Curse your timing! I'll be knee deep in the Peach Festival that day. I'll have to see if I can sneak away to grab a copy.