Friday, July 18, 2008

The Ultimate Book Chair

I found this through one of the many "book lover" RSS feeds that I try desperately to keep up on daily (but fail miserably on). I think this one came via BookNinja.

Book Chair photo from Rag & Bone Blog

There's a bookstore in Providence Rhode Island called Myopic Books that has the coolest chair designed by Rhode Island artist David Karoff and made completely from recycled materials -- including mass market paperbacks.

I'd love to have one of these chairs -- but my biggest fear would be sitting there and becoming inspired to want to read one of the many fine titles I was sitting on without being able to crack the book open. (Part of the design involves drilling a hold through the middle of the books)

Check out the Rag & Bone blog post (Rag & Bone Bindery creates Photo Albums, Journals, Guest Books, Baby Books, and other fine bindings distinguished by their craftsmanship and enduring beauty) for more information about it.

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lime said...

wow! that is one very cool chair! i want one too!