Friday, July 25, 2008

Da Count - When in Baltimore, I Drank A Really Fine Beer

Recently, on a trip to and from Storrs, Connecticut, my traveling companion Rick and I drove to Buffalo where we caught a flight to Baltimore, MD, had a layover for about an hour and a half, then caught a flight to Hartford, CT. From there it was another 40 or so minutes to drive to Storrs.

Each layover was near or pretty close to dinner time, and our connecting gate was close to a terminal restaurant/bar called Obrycki's (well known for their crab cakes).

It was there that we sat at the bar, chatted with the bartender and enjoyed a glass of Baltimore's own Obrycki's amber lager. As many readers of my blog will know, one of my favourite things to do when traveling is to sample as many local beers as possible.

And Obrycki's beer is one worth returning to. We stopped in again on our return layover, chatted with the same friendly and fun bartender, ate and enjoyed another Obrycki's lager.

The next time I get a chance to visit Baltimore, I'm hoping it's for longer than an hour and a half and that I get an opportunity to visit the original Obrycki's, order a larger meal (yes, I forgot to mention their food was good, though I didn't try their signature crab cakes) and a pitcher of their beer. Of course, it would only be right if I at least visited the airport location and had a beer and chatted with the cool bartender there while I was in town.

See, even when a trip is a lot of fun, sometimes those side trips and side-effect experiences (like having to wait at an airport for your connecting flight) can be a great thing. And that's what I'm counting this week.



lime said...

ah glad you made a fun discovery. just catching up here and i have to agree with you on the previous post, casinos depress me and i have little desire to be at one again.

lecram said...

Ohhh... beer is always a good count.... especially good beer. Sorry I'm late been up to my eyeballs of late... prepping Tale End for the SF Fringe.

BTW... the lovely Joy was interviewed by the Beehive and mentioned your "I, Death" blog... I provided the link in the comment section. You can read the post here