Thursday, July 10, 2008

HNT - Da Count - Hurts So Good

I spent the entire day in our warehouse sorting through 50+ skids of "Hurt Penguins" with ten other booksellers -- "Hurt Penguins" is an industry term for books that are slightly worn, bent, scratched or damaged in some way. Bookstores can purchase a skid of these "hurt" books for a significant discount and use them on discount tables, etc selling them at fantastic bargins for customers. (We buy these hurt books from Penguin Canada and thus the term "Hurt Penguins")

One of my roles in the CCRA (Canadian Campus Retail Association) the past two years has been organizing the group buy for hurt penguins -- I collect each of about a dozen or store order requests from stores across Canada, then do a single large buy of the skids, ship them to our warehouse space, then unpack and sort them so that everyone gets the best possible mix.

It makes for a really long day in a hot, dirty warehouse, but it's always great fun.

You get to see tons of great titles, experience lots of nostalgia (many of the titles were hot or popular books from the past 3 or 4 years) and do lots of "talk" about books with a group of other similarly-minded book folks.

We finished about 26 or so of the skids today and are back again next week to to the remaining half.

So this week, for both Half-Nekkid Thursday as well as for Da Count, I'm posting a picture of myself as one type of Hurt Penguin and counting yet another benefit I have of working in a fantastic industry.



Rainypete said...

Way cool! When you do you put out your penguins for sale?

lecram said...

OK... I would so buy these hurt penguins. Saving books... always a noble count. Cheers!

BTExpress said...

What a great idea. Who cares if a book is a tad battered, as long it's readable. If I may say, you make an excellent penguin in pain. Happy HNT!

lime said...

gees, i am so late getting over here. i am sorry. but so glad i finally made it, this was both educational and hilarious!